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Gemstone Unicorn

Gemstone Unicorn


Blue Lapis Lazuli, Red Tiger's Eye, or Rainbow Fluortie carved Unicorns.

About 2 inches tall 

Lapis Lazuli

Inner Truth * Self-Expression * Leadership

Lapis Lazuli reveals one's inner truth and allows for self-expression.  It releasses feelings of frustration, resentment, and anger.  Excelent for those in leadership positions as it stimulates wisdom, integrity, and authenticity. 


Rainbowe Fluorite

Organization * Routine * Discipline 

Rainbow Fluortie enhances mental focus, clarity, and concentration. Helps one absorbs new information quickly and efficiently, and improves both short and long term memory. 


Red Tiger's Eye

Motivation * Self-Confidence * Ambition 

Red Tiger's Eye increases motivation, self-confidence, and the drive to succeed. It is a highly stimulating stone that gives one the energy needed to overcome feelings of lethargy and fatigue


 All Items are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee


Please note that all our products are made by hand by the designer in Manhattan Beach, CA and may have slight variations from images on our website. We stand behind our work by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase please contact us at within 14 days of receiving the item so that we may address the issue and replace the item if needed.Thanks again for shopping with us. Enjoy!

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